lineup character design sketches artstation challenge

Artstation Challenge

Hi Guys, Since I am participating in this summers Artstation challenge I wanted to share my progress and post my first set of sketches and my rough lineup here as well. I will post my progression here as well. If you would like to keep up with my posts and what all the other amazing artists are coming up with, feel free to check out the challenge itself! Here the link to my entry.

Nuru and Aki

  Hi guys, today I wanted to introduce you to Aki and his tiny big sister Nuru. These two unlikely siblings will go on a long journey to safe their rain forest nation from the Serpent´s life draining powers and the forest spirits will guide them on their way through the thick twilight forest. I added a step by step break down to give you a glimpse into my process. Hope you enjoy the character illustration. :)

Serpent Creature Fantasy Illustration SallyGottschalk

The Serpent

Hi guys, I wanted to share a recent illustration and concept art with you. This is the Serpent! The final boss for a game project. This fallen spirit creature likes to consume souls, and when he does he will grow a new tail based on the soul he has consumed, leaving him eternal bound to some pretty evil ladies. I hope you enjoy the illustration as well as the concept art.

paizo pathfinder sally gottschalk elemental illustration

Elementals – Pathfinder

    Since last summer I have the pleasure to work with Paizo on Pathfinder parallel to my master studies. As bigger projects go time passes between the creation of artworks and the actual release. So now I can share some of my first Illustrations with you. :) I worked on a set of four elementals and a golden wolverine for Paizo´s upcoming Summon Monster Pawn Collection. I´ve included my original sketches as well as some work in progress. After the first sketch iteration we decided to change the elementals proportions to make them bigger and more massive.

dragon sally gottschalk fantasy illustration

Morning Stroll

Finally I got to finish one of my own Illustrations again and it has been quite some time since I last worked on an Asian dragon. So here we go. :) This one was a lot of fun to work on. I challenged myself to work with saturation to create contrast instead of color contrast. So the entire picture is done in tones from yellow to red and the shadow areas are simply lower in saturation. At the beginning I had a different design for the horns but found them rather boring and decided to go with ram horns instead….

Kelpie Waterhorse Sally Gottschalk Fantasy Illustration Creature

Kelpie Steed

I have always found the idea strange that the northern water horse aka kelpie is supposed to look like an actual horse. Everyone who has crossed a river on horseback knows they can swim but they aren´t the best swimmers in the world and horses hate walking through muddy areas where their thin legs sink deep into the ground. I like the idea of him being a real aquatic predator, webbing between his clawed hands and feet, covered with scales and using his strong fish like tale to propel himself through the water like a crocodile in search for prey….

griffin creature illustration by sally gottschalk

Griffin Illustration

Today I want to share my newest illustration Griffin Mom with you. Remember if you ever find a huge nest with big blue eggs, don´t just walk up on it. Momy might be just around the corner. ;) Hope you like it! Below I added some steps for you, so you can take a closer look at my work in progress.