At the present time I´m available for freelanced work. Feel free to contact me about it any time.



Sally grew up near the old, beautiful and regularly flooded city of Passau in eastern Bavaria, Germany.

She always had a passion for drawing and painting and due to the enormous amount of rainy days and a sluggish slow internet speed resulting in endless waits for … well, everything … she had a lot of extra time to spend on her sketchbook hobby before discovering the joy of digital art.

After school she moved to Munich to study Game Design at MD.H (Mediadesign Hochschule). There she worked primarily on the survival RTS game project Submerge with her team Aesir Interactive.

At the end of 2013 she acquired her B.Sc. and started working for the Munich Games Developer Reality Twist. There she was responsible for the visual development of the mobile game Utopolis – Aufbruch der Tiere. After finalizing her artwork for Utopolis and working with Imagination:First on a theme park project, she began her master studies in Fine Art Conception at HS Reutlingen as well as her work as a freelanced artist.

At the present time she resides in Montreal participating in Syn Studio´s Concept Art Diploma Program while finalizing her master studies abroad.



Freelanced Illustrator/Concept Aritst

2015 – present

At the present time I work as a freelanced artist for different companies such as Paizo Publishing LLC, Reality Twist GmbH, Underbyte Studios LLC etc. parallel to my studies.

Utopolis – Aufbruch der Tiere

Reality Twist GmbH – Nemetschek Stiftung

2013 – 2014

Winner of the German Computer Games Award 2015 – Best Serious Game

Utopolis plays in a fairy tale setting, where a group of animals sets out to find the source of evil corrupting their homeland. Using their unique skills this mixed pack of plant eaters and carnivores has to work hand in hand to ensure the groups survival.

The mobile game is a turn-based multiplayer with focus on resource management and group coordination. Apart from crafting items and materials, advancing their skills and defending the group, they can use the complex legislation system to create various laws, vote for leaders, place and collect taxes, grant privileges but also prohibit certain player actions and even restrict a player’s access to vital game features.

Submerge – Action Survival RTS

Aesir Interactive GmbH

2011 – 2013

Submerge is an action survival real-time strategy multiplayer designed for up to 16 players. Using their resources players create a swarm of vicious sea beasts to roam the oceans depths. The different unit classes give each player the possibility to create an army fitting their play style – from heavily armored goliaths to agile sneaky rogues. To survive as long as possible in hostile environment ruled by claws and fangs players must strengthen their army in both quality and quantity by devouring their enemies to regain resources and time points. The result is a fast paced and fun game following the motto – Eat or be eaten!


Imagination:First – Ningbo Theme Park Project – 2014

BMW Group – Project Infotainment 2.0 – 2012 GmbH – Game Prototype Development – 2012

Field of Fools – University Game Project – 2011

Book of Revelations – University Game Project – 2011

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