Hi everyone, I wanted to share a set of different exercises today, value and color studies, both from reference and imagination. All the photo references such as screenshots, still live and painting photos are attached as well. I hope you enjoy them.


Hi everyone! I hope summer is treating you well. I wanted to share another demo creature today. This familiar, is a common type beeing in it´s universe and if you are an apprentice mage or witch this will probably be your first live long companion. I hope you enjoy!

Green Highland Wyv

Hello everyone, Today I wanted to share the finished version of this breeding pair.The old matriarch has lost her companion not too long ago in a territorial fight. Now she is nesting for the first time with her strapping new partner.I hope yo enjoy!

Rift Hound

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I got around to finish up my last demo creature for Syn Studio´s Intro to Creature Design class and wanted to share it. I hope you enjoy this slightly venomous dogo! Below the whole process from inception to action pose.


This Illustration was done ad my entry into the Discover your Duo HTTYD contest on DeviantArt. The interaction between the baby Gronckle and the Crimson Goregutter where my favorite comic relieve in the Hidden World and the sheep make my day every time they show up.I hope you enjoy the artwork! ;)

The Serpent

Hi guys, I wanted to share a recent illustration and concept art with you. This is the Serpent! The final boss for a game project. This fallen spirit creature likes to consume souls, and when he does he will grow a new tail based on the soul he has consumed, leaving him eternal bound to some pretty evil ladies. I hope you enjoy the illustration as well as the concept art.

Morning Stroll

Finally I got to finish one of my own Illustrations again and it has been quite some time since I last worked on an Asian dragon. So here we go. :) This one was a lot of fun to work on. I challenged myself to work with saturation to create contrast instead of color contrast. So the entire picture is done in tones from yellow to red and the shadow areas are simply lower in saturation. At the beginning I had a different design for the horns but found them rather boring and decided to go with ram horns instead….

Creeping Fog

So here is the finished artwork, hope you like it! :) I have decided to go without the two horsemen because I wanted the artwork to be emptier and put focused on the complete silence of the moment when this creeping creature actually takes shape out of the dense fog just to vanish into it moments later without making any sound.

A first post…

Hey everyone! So this is my blog. ;) If something interesting happens – like a project release or when I do sketches, moods, concept art and illustrations – I will post them here together with some extra stuff about my finished artworks. So take a look in this space once in a while for updates. Feedback is always welcome!