Serpent Creature Fantasy Illustration SallyGottschalk

The Serpent

Hi guys, I wanted to share a recent illustration and concept art with you. This is the Serpent! The final boss for a game project. This fallen spirit creature likes to consume souls, and when he does he will grow a new tail based on the soul he has consumed, leaving him eternal bound to some pretty evil ladies. I hope you enjoy the illustration as well as the concept art.

Scarecrow Nigreda Character ConceptArt Sally Gottschalk

Team Scarecrow

  At the edge of a small town in a deep dark forest are the three farms owned by three very different Families. The first one is almost abandoned, since no one wanted to take on the family business of growing crops. The only one left is old Ms. Meier who due to her age can barely keep the farm running and has a serious love for cats. The second one is owned by the Bricks Brothers who think everything bigger is better and treat everything on the farm with this principal in mind. And the third one houses a…

Azmodan Brightwing Blizzard DeviantArt Contest Heroes of the Storm

Azmodan & Brightwing

Hey everyone, I have no idea what the weather looks like at your place atm but I hope it´s a bit cooler as it is here in Germany! I´ve been finishing up the summer semester and the week of exam till yesterday and I think when it has around 32°C/90°F inside your apartment and you still think it´s so refreshingly cool in comparison to the outside, it´s definitely way too hot for my taste. :D So now that I´m done with my tests and university projects time to share some art! This is my entry for the Heroes of the…