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Artstation Challenge

Hi Guys, Since I am participating in this summers Artstation challenge I wanted to share my progress and post my first set of sketches and my rough lineup here as well. I will post my progression here as well. If you would like to keep up with my posts and what all the other amazing artists are coming up with, feel free to check out the challenge itself! Here the link to my entry.

Azmodan Brightwing Blizzard DeviantArt Contest Heroes of the Storm

Azmodan & Brightwing

Hey everyone, I have no idea what the weather looks like at your place atm but I hope it´s a bit cooler as it is here in Germany! I´ve been finishing up the summer semester and the week of exam till yesterday and I think when it has around 32°C/90°F inside your apartment and you still think it´s so refreshingly cool in comparison to the outside, it´s definitely way too hot for my taste. :D So now that I´m done with my tests and university projects time to share some art! This is my entry for the Heroes of the…