Concept Art & Illustration

by Sally Gottschalk
Pacman Dugong Game Illustration Fantasy SallyGottschalk

Recent personal work I wanted to share. Hope you enjoy it!

Team Play

Serpent Creature Fantasy Illustration SallyGottschalk

Hi Guys, I wanted to share a recent Illustration with you. I will post some related concept art soon. Hope you enjoy!

The Serpent

concept art desert dragon skull sally gottschalk nigreda

So I went through my files yesterday looking for something and stumbled over an old sketch. Kinda felt inspired so I decided to give it a makeover and share it. Hope you like it!

Late night fun



Cat Sketch Sally Gottschalk Nigreda

Today I want to share some gestures and expression exercise I did recently. The topic was mean cat and some gestures from my sketchbook.

Mean Cat and Animal Gestures

Scarecrow Nigreda Character ConceptArt Sally Gottschalk

At the edge of a small town in a deep dark forest are the three farms owned by three very different Families. The first one is almost abandoned since no one wanted to take on the family business of growing crops. The only one left…

Team Scarecrow

Dragon Design Concept Art Sally Gottschalk Nigreda

I wanted to share a recent design exercise. The topic was realistic dragon. So breathing fire like a flamethrower was off the table as well as flying since I wanted to work on something massive.   Below some more information about the design choices: The…

Dragon Design Exercise

Anatomy Study Syn Studio Sally Gottschalk Nigreda

Those of you who love foot anatomy are going to love this post ;) Feet are quite complicated structures therefore we spent some time taking a good look at them.

Anatomy Study 2 – Feet

Gecko Guard Fantasy Character Concept Art Sally Gottschalk Nigreda

These are the first characters for an illustration I´m currently working on. I wanted to share the plane colored lineart before I´ll start the second pair and putting some detail on them. I´ll probably rework the colors and the pattern once I have decided on…

Gecko Guards



Concept Art Sally Gottschalk Syn Studio Nigreda

Today I want to share some concept art we created as part of a fun team assignment at Syn Studio Montreal. Everyone of us had to work on a mech of one of four cryptids that needed to be created with the same restrictions in…

Kraken – Syn Studio

Lion Skorpion Manticore Sally Gottschalk Nigreda Fantasy Illustration

Finally I got a chance to finish up this piece. I hope you enjoy it. It´s based on a sketch I´ve posted a while back. Now that I´m settled down in Montreal I got around finalizing it. I really enjoy the broad lion face so…

First Snow



Sally Gottschalk Nigreda Life Drawing

Some of the drawing from this weeks life drawing class at Syn Studio in Montreal. These are scans of the pencil drawings in my sketchbook so sry for the slightly strange quality. ;)

Life Drawing

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share a quick creature sketch – A manticore this time. I will rework the human face on it´s nose … the perspective isn´t quite right yet. Kinda like the bulky look of the head though. :)

Late night sketching…

desk study objects workspace

Quick study of some stuff that´s standing on my desk atm. ;)




landscape illustration sally gottschalk nigreda jungle cliff rock

Today I want to share some landscape and light practice.

Jungle Rocks

paizo pathfinder sally gottschalk character illustration

For Paizo´s Pathfinder Player Companions Occult Origins and Agents of Evil I created interior character Illustrations. Here you can find the Psycich, Fighting against Good and my personal favorite the Worship of Horrors. I hope you like them. :)

Pathfinder Character Illustration – Paizo Publishing LLC

paizo pathfinder sally gottschalk elemental illustration

Since last summer I have the pleasure to work with Paizo on Pathfinder parallel to my master studies. As bigger projects go time passes between the creation of artworks and the actual release. So now I can share some of my first Illustrations with you.…

Pathfinder Elementals – Paizo Publishing LLC



dragon sally gottschalk fantasy illustration

Finally I got to finish one of my own Illustrations again and it has been quite some time since I last worked on an Asian dragon. So here we go. :) This one was a lot of fun to work on. I challenged myself to…

Morning Stroll



Azmodan Brightwing Blizzard DeviantArt Contest Heroes of the Storm

Hey everyone, I have no idea what the weather looks like at your place atm but I hope it´s a bit cooler as it is here in Germany! I´ve been finishing up the summer semester and the week of exam till yesterday and I think…

Azmodan & Brightwing

Kelpie Waterhorse Sally Gottschalk Fantasy Illustration Creature

I have always found the idea strange that the northern water horse aka kelpie is supposed to look like an actual horse. Everyone who has crossed a river on horseback knows they can swim but they aren´t the best swimmers in the world and horses…

Kelpie Steed

lion cat animal illustration sally gottschalk

The result of this afternoon´s experimenting with colors. I decided to use them to paint this big cat.

Lion Illustration

griffin creature illustration by sally gottschalk

Today I want to share my newest illustration Griffin Mom with you. Remember if you ever find a huge nest with big blue eggs, don´t just walk up on it. Momy might be just around the corner. ;) Hope you like it! Below I added…

Griffin Illustration



Fog Fantasy Creature Illustration by Sally Gottschalk

So here is the finished artwork, hope you like it! :) I have decided to go without the two horsemen because I wanted the artwork to be emptier and put focused on the complete silence of the moment when this creeping creature actually takes shape…

Creeping Fog

I just finished setting up my Society6 Shop! There you can purchase – apart form gallery and canvas prints – casings for your phone, tablet, laptop and many more things. If you´re interested have a look! :) You can also find my work on Inprnt and DeviantArt.

society6 shop icon illustration concept art sally gottschalkinprnt shop icon illustration concept art sally gottschalkdeviantart icon illustration concept art sally gottschalk

unicorn & hound creature illustration by sally gottschalk

This one was based on a free super fast skribble I did a view days back. I named it Equal Power – hope you like it. ;)  

Equal Power

Dragon Fantasy Illustration by Sally Gottschalk

So this is my new Illustration. I leave it to your imagination why this grey old beast and the little song birds are meeting at the moss covered trees. I just noticed that I havent´t worked on a dragon for a while and decided to…

Present for the Birds – Illustration

song bird concept art by sally gottschalk

Aaaaaand …. done, I wrote my last test today! ;) … which means time to show you some artworks I have done for one of my university classes.  


Utopolis – Aufbruch der Tiere – Multiplayer Mobile Serious Game. In between my bachelor and master studies I worked as an artist at Reality Twist. During that time I created the concept art and background illustrations for the German Multiplayer Mobile Game Utopolis. The project…

Utopolis – Aufbruch der Tiere

Dragon Fantasy Illustration by Sally Gottschalk

Hey everyone! So this is my blog. ;) If something interesting happens – like a project release or when I do sketches, moods, concept art and illustrations – I will post them here together with some extra stuff about my finished artworks. So take a…

A first post…