Team Scarecrow


Scarecrow Nigreda Character ConceptArt Sally Gottschalk

At the edge of a small town in a deep dark forest are the three farms owned by three very different Families.

The first one is almost abandoned since no one wanted to take on the family business of growing crops. The only one left is old Ms. Meier who due to her age can barely keep the farm running and has a serious love for cats.
The second one is owned by the Bricks Brothers who think everything bigger is better and treat everything on the farm with this principal in mind.
And the third one houses a young family with her eight year old son Carter who is creative but shy and often gets bullied by the neighborhoods kids because of his slender build.

All of these three own a piece of land they use to grow crops on and all of them have to deal with birds who eat there freshly sown seeds. So they all deal with it by putting scarecrows on their fields. Three very different scarecrows.

Ms. Meier’s Cat Tree: (Caster Class)

The Cat Tree as Ms. Meier likes to revere to her scarecrow is long past it´s prime and in dire need of some maintenance. Non the less all her cats seem to love the old scarecrow and can be found hanging out on it on a regular basis. Maybe they know something Ms. Meier doesn’t.

The Bricks Brother’s Golem: (Warrior Class)

When the Bricks Brothers built their Scarecrow to protect their supersized field they thought to themselves…. large field equals massive scarecrow, right? Logics!!!

Carter’s Revenge aka “Meany”: (Rouge Class)

The neighborhood kids had it out for Carter ever since he moved here and at some point started to harass him even at his own home. So Carter upgraded the fields scarecrow that had been at the farm since before his family moved here. And then he made a childish wish for the scarecrow to come to life and scare the hell out of all his bullies so they would leave him alone. As a sign of how serous he was about his wish he gifted Gram – his toy teddy bear – to the scarecrow. Unbeknown to him the scarecrow already had a life of it’s own and decided to fulfill his wish as a thanks for the nice upgrades and fixes. The mean kids never bothered him again. ;)