A first post…

Hey everyone!

So this is my blog. ;) If something interesting happens – like a project release or when I do sketches, moods, concept art and illustrations – I will post them here together with some extra stuff about my finished artworks. So take a look in this space once in a while for updates. Feedback is always welcome!


  1. I found your website through your DeviantArt page. I love the presentation of everything; it really helps keep the focus on your artwork! Your artwork is incredibly beautiful and imaginative, by the way.

    As I was browsing, I was wondering why things seemed a little familiar and then I realized that we’re using the same WordPress theme in a similar fashion. Imagine that! Do you have the Custom CSS option?

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    1. Thank you very much! I really appreciate all your compliments and I´m really happy you like my website. :)
      Yes I do have the Custom CSS and also used it quite a bit for small changes all over the theme.

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